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Depending on your business, you may be experiencing a drop in the summer months. Particularly in Bend, Oregon, serviced based businesses may see more inconsistency because people are camping and vacationing. This is exactly the reason your social marketing strategy needs to be well thought out, so that even during the slower seasons, you still have new customers finding your business.

Keep it Social

Even when people are out of the Bend area, they are still checking Facebook. Give them something to look at while they are sipping Mai Tai’s on the beach! My two favorite platforms are YouTube and Facebook. Here are a couple ways you can do it.

  1. If you are a service based business, take pictures. Sometimes it is hard to think of something to write on your social profiles, so let the pictures do the talking. I think Instagram is amazing for this reason. And if you link your business Instagram account to your other social profiles through IFTTT, your photos will get syndicated which is great for SEO, and will help reach a broader audience.
  2. Paid ads. For those with a limited marketing budget, the last thing you want to do is pay for social ads. But if you narrow your target audience and daily budget, you can actually reach a lot of people for a couple pennies per view. We love using YouTube ads for this.
  3. Live feeds. This is simple, and requires very little preparation. When you are doing what you do, try creating a live video feed showing it off. All you need is a smart phone, and wifi connection. This allows your audience to feel a connection which builds trust. And even if people don’t catch it live, Facebook and YouTube still post it as a video in the news feed/channel.

While done for you Social Media Marketing is not something I do much of for clients, I would love to help you develop and implement a strategy that works on autopilot. Give me a call for a free 15 minute consult to help engage your audience!