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My family and I moved to Bend about 5 years ago from Seattle, and haven’t looked back. The pace of life, and weather is so much more desirable. I thought I would make a post for some of the top reasons we love Central Oregon! Check out these posts about some of the things that make Bend awesome:

The Outdoors

If you know only one thing about Bend, it’s that the city loves the outdoors. Located in the high desert at the foot of multiple mountains, there are outdoor activities in Bend year-round. Hiking, fishing, boating, skiing, cycling, running, snowshoeing, camping—it’s all there, right in your backyard, and everyone is jealous of it.


Plenty of handcrafted beer brewers have sprung up in Oregon over the last decade, but Bend has truly led the charge with their immensely popular , which was founded in 1988. Deschutes, which is now the fifth-largest craft brewery in the world, is in good company; with 24 craft breweries (and growing) in Central Oregon, you never have to go a day without a pint of the finest locally-sourced IPA available.


Speaking of tourism, it really is a big deal in Bend. Resorts like Sunriver and Mt. Bachelor employ thousands of area residents, and serve the many more thousands of visitors who come to this desert paradise to escape city life. And while welcoming temporary masses of people can get a little tense, it’s worth it to get to experience events like Bend Oktoberfest and Central Oregon Beerfest.

While we are on the subject of tourism and the outdoors, here are a few parks that are iconic in Bend:

Drake Park

Drake Park spans 13 breathtaking acres along the Deschutes River in Downtown Bend, and you can stroll the entire length of it and discover a postcard-perfect view every three steps. It’s home to Mirror Pond, the scenic section of glassy river that inspired the name of Deschutes Brewery’s famous Mirror Pond Pale Ale.

Pilot Butte State Park

Bend is one of the only cities in the U.S. that boasts a dormant volcano in the city limits, and that’s . A 500-foot cinder cone, Pilot Butte is part of the larger Pilot Butte State Park, which also includes a playground, running track, and expansive trails.

Riverbend Park

While “beautiful” is certainly an adjective that describes , it’s actually not the first one that comes to mind for me. “Convenient,” is how I’d describe this sprawling expanse of riverfront property along the Deschutes River Trail.

We love living in . It has been an awesome place to raise our kids, and grow our businesses. Something that wasn’t mentioned above, but a lot of my friends love it, is the fly fishing. There are many spots along the Deschutes river or Metolious that are a fly fisherman’s dream.

Most every day, we wake up to a crystal clear view of the 3 Sisters mountains, and Mt. Jefferson. A lot of people come here to retire. and we are happy to be here during the prime years of life!