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If you want more customers calling your business, you need to have a better online reputation, which means substantially more positive reviews.

I will show you why positive reviews are important, but please watch the video below if you want to learn about an easy tool for getting new positive reviews.

More More More….Quantity is important

If you can have 20+ more reviews than your competition, you are probably going to get the phone call, and eventually the business.

Think about it…

If you are a potential customer searching Google for plumbers in your area, and one plumber has 3 positive reviews, and the other has 26 positive reviews, which plumber are you going to call? Probably the one with the 26 positive reviews!

There is a direct link between the amount of positive reviews you have, and the amount of new customers you are getting to call your business every day.

5 Stars Seal the Deal

Once an online review is submitted, it is there forever. This can be really great or damaging for your online reputation.

That is why ensuring the reviews you do get are 5 stars. One of the greatest ways to put you out of business is a bunch of 1 star reviews. It kills customer trust, and they will definitely move on to your competition.

How You Can Get More Positive Reviews

You probably understand by now that getting happy clients to actually fill out a review is kind of like pulling teeth.

So how do you get your happy clients to fill out a review, and keep unhappy clients off your Google page?

Meet REX.

Rex is a cloud based program that uses text messages and email to get a positive review from your happy clients with two clicks.

When you sign up for Rex, all you have to do is enter your customers name and phone number, and Rex does the rest.

The software will send them a text message asking if your customer had a positive experience with your business.

If your customer clicks the “yes” button, it will direct them to a page to fill out a positive review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook.

If your client clicks the “no” button, it will redirect them to a short survey instead. It does not send them to your review pages, which helps you avoid the negative reviews.

It is a remarkable system that is easy to use, and pretty cheap, too.

If you would like to try getting more reviews using Rex, click the button below, and use the promo code 9design to get 15% off your order.

Start Getting More Positive Reviews